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Caddie Application Form

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The following shall be adhered to in all PGA TOUR cosponsored tournaments:

All caddies must complete the caddie registration form each week. The Caddie Chairman and/or Caddie Master will supervise caddies and provide an area for caddies to rest while not on duty.

  1. Caddies shall wear smooth rubber-sole shoes preferably tennis or basketball shoes. GOLF SPIKES soft or metal are prohibited.
  2. Caddies clothing must conform to the Player Endorsement policy as stated in the PGA TOUR Canada Player Handbook andTournament Regulations.
  3. Caddies may walk unaccompanied on putting greens during practice round days if play is not disrupted. Caddies may not walk on putting greens on any day, at any time, before or after a Pro-Am or official tournament round.
  4. Caddies shall not enter the clubhouse unless properly credentialed, except when they are immediate family and accompanied by the player.
  5. Caddies are not permitted in the locker room at any time.
  6. Caddies shall not be permitted on practice greens except to retrieve pitch and run shots or putts.
  7. Caddies shall assist in maintaining the course by REPLACING DIVOTS AND RAKING BUNKERS as soon as practical after their player has played.
  8. Caddies shall not hit shots or putts anywhere on the practice areas or course except in specially approved competitions.
  9. Caddies shall not falsely register for accommodations or leave unpaid bills.
  10. Caddies shall not engage in any conduct which is prohibited for players under the PGA TOUR Anti-Doping Program.
  11. Caddies shall not engage in conduct unbecoming a professional caddie on the PGA TOUR as determined in the sole discretion of the PGA TOUR.
  12. Caddies must carry their player’s clubs. Pull carts or the like are not permitted.A caddie who does not comply with these Caddie Regulations will be subject to losing the privilege to caddie on the PGA TOUR. Also, for any violation of these Regulations which affect play, a fine will be levied against the player on the caddie.