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Call For Volunteers

Volunteering is a fun way to give back to your community, make new friends and get “inside the ropes” with the up and coming stars of the PGA Tour. Your involvement as a volunteer will directly impact our efforts in creating unique experiences for players, spectators and ensure a long lasting legacy in the Barrie community.

A number of volunteer opportunities are available for the 2017 Ontario Championship Hosted by National Pines Golf Club. Volunteers are expected to work a minimum of 2 shifts throughout the week in order to be eligible for volunteer benefits.

The volunteer fee is $40.00 (plus HST), this fee can be paid during one of the volunteer orientation days which will be held the week prior to tournament week at National Pines Golf Club.  Each volunteer will receive a package which includes their uniform, event passes and meals during their scheduled shift.  Following the completion of the tournament on Sunday there will be a volunteer appreciation party at National Pines Golf Club hosted by Barnstormer Brewing

A variety of opportunities are available, with varying time commitments throughout the week. If you are interested in being a Volunteer please fill in our form. All Volunteers will be contacted once an application has been received.

How do you want to help?

The various volunteer areas are described below.  Some areas fill up quickly so please be sure to indicate your second choice.

 OPERATIONS: Responsible for set-up and removal of tournament infrastructure from Aug 31 to Sep 3rd and on Sept 10th. This team is also responsible for providing any infrastructure that the volunteer team requires and during the tournament, for ensuring players and volunteers are well hydrated by restocking coolers on the tees with bottled water. This team also assists with the collecting of garbage on the golf course.

 MARSHALLING:  Responsible for on-course crowd control and assisting players with locating tee shots.

 PLAYER SERVICES:  These volunteers are the main contact between the players and the Tournament staff, and serve to enhance the player experience during the week.  Tasks include registering players, providing and explaining the information package, organizing shuttles to and from the practice range, assisting players with accommodation and on-site health services, assigning lockers, and overseeing the players’ lounge. The group works closely with PGA TOUR Canada’s player relations department.

 TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Drivers shuttle players (in sponsor-supplied vehicles) to and from their hotel and the golf course, and also pick up supplies from various points in Barrie that may be needed at the golf course.  Drivers will also shuttle patrons from off-site parking locales.

 SCORING – CENTRAL:  This is the nerve center of Tournament Scoring. Volunteers in this role communicate with the walking scorers on the golf course and input the information they report into the online scoring program. This group also includes Official Scorers who work in scoring tents and are responsible for verifying the player’s 18 hole score at the completion of play.

 SCORING – WALKING SCORER:  Walking scorers record each competitor’s shot and report it to Scoring Central. Proficiency with tablet technology is an asset.  Must be able to walk 18 holes.

 SCORING – STANDARD BEARER:  Standard bearers walk with the player group and the walking scorer, and post each competitor’s score on a standard for spectators to see. Must be able to walk 18 holes while carrying a standard supported in a harness.  NOTE:  Standard bearers are only required for Saturday and Sunday play.  This is a great opportunity for students or those available only on the weekend to see the golf action up close!

 SCORING – LEADERBOARD:  A leaderboard operator takes information from Central Scoring and posts the top 10 players’ scores on the leaderboard for spectators to see. This is an active job and good for individuals who wish to be involved in scoring but would prefer a stationary position.

 SCORING – STARTERS: Starters are required on the first tee on Tournament days.  Starters call players to the tee in advance of their times, hand out player scorecards, rules sheets and pin locations and introduce the players on the tee.  This job is good for individuals who have a strong, authoritative voice.

 HEALTH & SAFETY: Provides First Aid Services to players and spectators, ensuring the safety of guests and community residents.

 PARKING CONTROL:  This team coordinates on-site parking and directs traffic within Gallagher’s Canyon for players, tournament officials, media and VIPs.

 GUEST SERVICES/HOSPITALITY:  Includes staffing Admissions Desk, Information Desk, the Pro-Am tournaments, planning/organizing clinics, assisting with the sponsor hospitality venue, and assisting media personnel.

 ADMISSIONS:  Part of Hospitality, the Admissions team greets patrons at the front gate, takes admission fees and provides directions.  These volunteers also staff an Information Desk.

 PRO-AM:  Part of Hospitality, volunteers plan and staff the Pro-Am tournament on Tuesday at the National Pines course.  Volunteers are needed the week before tournament week commences.

 CADDIE ASSISTANT:  Volunteers assist the caddie master with organizing and distributing bibs to caddies.  This activity is busiest very early in the morning and later in the day on tournament days.

 VOLUNTEER SERVICES:  Volunteers in this area help other volunteers by staffing the Volunteer Office in advance of the Tournament and assisting in the Volunteer Centre with catering, and providing information and directions during the tournament.  

 GENERAL:  Help in the area of greatest need.



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